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Do not forget about the joys of family and our celebrations… They define our identity.

They give our children roots and the understanding of the richness of our faith, traditions, folklore, customs and even our superstitions.

Our Celebrations is dedicated to all who consider themselves to be of Ukrainian heritage and to those who enjoy our traditions, customs and culture. To those who helped define our identity, our religious and spiritual customs, and our family traditions and festivities.

This book is also dedicated to our families, especially to our Mamas and Babcias who have kept our heritage alive. Their gift to us is to leave an enduring love of family; our legacy is to pass our traditions to our children to continue celebrating our Ukrainian heritage.

These traditions and rituals often tell a story about a family. On an instructional level, traditions teach our children where their family came from and may give them insights into their cultural or religious history. On a familial level, traditions serve as reminders of the jubilant occasions that shape our family life today and for generations to come.

Traditions, and the stories they tell about one’s family, play an important role in shaping a child’s individual identity. It is my family’s belief that children who have an understanding of their past and knowing they belong to a community helps them enjoy a life with compassion, integrity and love.

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