Social Services

UCSST resource staff work with clients on an individual basis to access geovernment benefits and programs as well as support services offered by other agencies.

Social Service Office

The counsellor in our Social Service Office assists people with diverse and multiple needs. Counsellor works with clients on an individual basis and support them in making changes in their lives to enhance quality of life.

UCSST staff provides;

  • Information and appropriate referrals.
  • Interpretation and translation for a nomilal fee.
  • Supportive, short-term counselling related to emotional, family, health and marital issues.
  • Assistance with integration and adjustment to life in a new country.
  • Form completion.
  • Advocacy with social, legal, health and pension systems.
  • Assistance with finding affordable housing and employment.
  • Assistance with access to government income support programs.
  • Information and guidance regarding elder care issues and linkages to home support services.

Outreach Initiatives

Special visits are made during Christmas and Easter to long-term care facilities by volunteers and staff who distribute small gift packages. This program helps to develop and maintain community ties.

Income Tax Clinic

This service is offered to low-income individuals and families.

For more information, please call Ukrainian Canadian Social Services Toronto at 416-763-4982 or e-mail

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